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Ranked as one of the Top Alabama Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destinations in 2016 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!

BOW SEASON - Starts October 15th

  • 3 Day Hunt - $1,400 (Groups of 4 or more includes meals and lodging)

BLACK POWDER SEASON - 1 Week Before Opening of Rifle Season

  • 3 Day Hunt - $1,400 (Groups of 4 or more includes meals and lodging)

RIFLE SEASON​ - November 18th - January 31st

  • 3 Day Early Season Hunt - November 18 - December 24 - $1,400 (Groups of 4 or more includes meals and lodging)

  • 3 Day Rut Hunt - December 25 – February 10th - $1,850 (Groups of 4 or more includes meals and lodging)

  • 3 Day Hensen Lodge Hunt - $1,400 - includes private lodging (No Cooks/Meals Provided)

Please call with any questions and for information on meals/lodging arrangements for smaller groups.

While Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunting at Oak Ridge Lodge most of our largest trophy bucks taken are equally distributed. The split is (50/50) from morning hunts and afternoon hunts. In other words, your chances of taking a large buck in the morning are the same as taking a large buck in the afternoon. Please note, Oak Ridge Lodge does have restrictions on bucks harvested to protect the future of our deer hunting herd.

Deer need to have a 15 inch inside spread, which is normally the width of the ears. There is no restriction as to the number of points a buck must have, except for the state restriction requiring that one side must have at least 3 points. There is a $300 fine for shooting lesser bucks.

Average weights on mature bucks have ranged from 185lbs up to 240lbs with some spreads as wide as 23 inches inside. There are many bow hunting stands located in prime hunting spots for anyone wanting to try their luck with archery tackle. Oak Ridge is also set up for, and welcomes black powder hunts.  

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Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunting at Oak Ridge starts before daylight. Everyone is up in time to eat a hearty breakfast and then its off to the woods. The morning Deer Hunts are usually in hardwood bottoms. Your guide will take you to your stand and will pick you up at whatever time you would like to break. We serve lunch at noon, then you will be taken to your stand at food plots in the afternoon. Our food plots range in size from 1 acre up to over 5 acres. Shots range anywhere from 15 yards up to 300 yds, click here to see the views of our stands. At the end of the day you'll enjoy a large southern style dinner cooked by your personal chefs at the Hunting Lodge.

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Our hunt was exceptional and the food and accommodations were first rate

Thanks for guiding our group on a quality hunt - the Lodge was great and the meals were outstanding. We'll be booking again next year.

My son and I really enjoyed the time together at Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge. We had an exciting hunt! Thank you for the incredible memories...

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