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Alabama Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

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An Alabama Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt inside our Trophy High Fence Preserve is challenging and exciting! Our preserve has been a whitetail deer haven for the last seven years since been formed into a preserve. There has been little to no hunting pressure on this game rich property. Supplemental feeding with high quality feed has been maintained to produce a healthy and well-balanced wildlife diet for our whitetail deer. Every whitetail deer on our property has been born right here. These deer are wild, and the preserve hunting is as rugged as free-range hunting. This property holds some very mature and large whitetails with excellent genetics. These deer can often times be very illusive and, in some cases, very challenging to find. The preserve holds deer ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years and they range in size. We have a plentiful amount of mature 8-point bucks available for our hunters to harvest.

These hunts are conducted on a fully guided basis. Our experienced guides will accompany you to and from your stand locations. Hunts take place from open ladder stands and covered shooting stands. We do mention that the best cell phone service here is with Verizon, and as long as you have this phone service, you will have contact with your guide by phone/text anytime on your guided deer hunt. They are devoted to assisting you to have the most successful hunting experience they can provide. (And we appreciate your graciousness of providing gratuity to our guides).

The Whitetail Deer Hunts offered here at Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge are available for all ages and skill levels. We provide a perfect place to take a youngster hunting for the first time. It makes our hearts melt to see those young smiles and know this hunting experience could be the start of a new family hunting tradition. We enjoy our regular groups of hunting buddies, Fathers and sons and Fathers and daughters, and Moms are never excluded as we have many couples and families create memories on our hunting trips.   It’s never a bad time to relax and unwind at Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge..  

Experience an Alabama Guided Whitetail Deer Hunt in our 2,500-acre managed trophy high fence preserve. This is a private and exclusive hunting preserve. Be confident that you will experience the best whitetail deer hunt that Alabama has to offer. Our hunting preserve shares much in common with what the rest of the beautiful state of Alabama has to offer in diverse hunting terrain. The rich soil and mineral content of our food plots, open meadows and meandering tree lines are brimming with the opportunity to witness a magnificent trophy whitetail buck emerging from the woods. You’ll have the chance to experience first-hand the magnificent hardwood bottoms and the richness of wildlife abundant in our lush swamp lands.

Please call for Pricing and more specific details about our Trophy High Fence Preserve Hunts. We ask that you call directly and speak to Mark at (334) 301-8021 and he’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you customize your Guided Whitetail Deer Hunt.

Included with your Guided Deer Hunt is Lodging for all guests and meals are included with groups of 4 or more. Our beautiful Lodge for the Trophy High Fence Preserve offers all the comforts of home and the tranquil surroundings of our beautiful Alabama outdoor scenery. Nestled next to a shimmering lake, the views from our Lodge will be just what you’ll look forward to after your thrilling day in the woods to unwind and stargaze at night! At Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge, you will be comfortable to relax and enjoy the fellowship of each deer hunter and talk about the hunt in privacy. Enjoy our warm stone fireplace, rehash the days hunting stories in the relaxed atmosphere. We have a fully equipped kitchen, so you can create your own fabulous meals; for our guests of less than 4 hunters. Restful sleeping quarters, cozy living space and private bathrooms are among our comfortable amenities and our Lodge can sleep 6 individuals. At Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge, all you have to do is deer hunt and relax.

Oak Ridge Hunting Lodge offers the opportunity of making our hunter's dreams come true with preserve hunting for trophy whitetail deer. Our goal is to offer diverse terrain and conditions for your hunting experience.

Alabama Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt
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